How to organize: CSCOPE

If you teach in Texas, like I do, you have bundles and bundles of CSCOPE paperwork. My sister-in-law will start teaching 7th and 8th grade writing this year (so excited for her!!) and I was trying to think of a good way of explaining how to organize all of her CSCOPE data. Here is what I did:

Step 1: 

Make a binder with these awesome dividers I found at Wal-Mart.

Why this has worked for me: I was able to organize my CSCOPE data by six weeks, because let's face it, as a teacher, the only way I survive is by living and planning from 6 weeks to 6 weeks. Tab 7 is used for CSCOPE Spiral Review and Tab 8 is left blank.

Step 2: 

Divide each six weeks into CSCOPE units using Post-It clear tabs

Why this worked for me: I began each CSCOPE unit with the Instructional Focus Document (IFD) so I knew what my focus was and what vocabulary terms to review before we even started the lesson. Then, I have my exemplar/possible lessons to help me identify the real "meat and bones" of my lesson.

Honestly, before I start a new CSCOPE unit, the entire unit comes out of my binder so I can write a "cliff-notes" version that fits on one page front and back. It makes it so much easier to reference when I'm in the middle of teaching. When I'm done with the "cliff-notes" version, it goes in the very back of that unit in my binder.


Use your 6 Week Year at a Glance as a binder cover for easy reference!!

Any other great tips out there?

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