How to Organize: Extra Supplies

I thought a really long time about how to organize my extra supplies and I really feel like I found the best thing that works for me and my classroom. My favorite part about this set up is that every student can easily access all of the supplies and I do not have to stop what I'm doing to track down an extra glue stick. 

 Crayon Drawers

I knew that I wanted each color separated because I often call on my students to get a specific color and if they can't find theirs, they can easily borrow one of mine.

Supply Caddy

I got these awesome little buckets from the Target Dollar Bins. Here is what they contain, from left to right starting at the back: 

Rulers and Space sticks (craft sticks)
Dry Erase Markers
Sharpened Pencils
Dry Erase Cloths 
(Cloths cut from the automotive paper towels, they work great and can be easily thrown away)

Pencil Hospital

This has also been a headache-saver! When a student's pencil needs to be sharpened, we say it is broken and has to go to the hospital! While they are waiting for it to be sharpened, they borrow one of mine. Two reasons this is awesome: 1) no loud noise during a lesson 2) my nice electric sharpener doesn't get torn up.

Tips, suggestions, questions?

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