You can never stop learning...

Hello blog world :) 

I am going into my third year of teaching, and I can say without a doubt it was the best decision I have ever made. I teach first grade and I even surprised myself at how much I have enjoyed this age group. My mother is a kindergarten teacher and is amazing at it. She had me cutting out laminate as soon as I could hold scissors and I grew up as her little classroom helper, so it's no wonder I grew up wanting to be just like her. Now it's really neat being able to share tips and the stories are even better. There are some things you just really don't understand or really aren't that funny until you become a teacher. 

Anyway, that's a little bit about me, now let's talk about this blog project I'm starting. I really had two motivators in my decision to start a blog. Number One: my husband is thoroughly tired of hearing all of my teaching stories. I come home so excited about a project we did or still laughing from a joke one of students told, and he tries so hard to be excited for me, but like I said some things just aren't as interesting if you aren't a teacher yourself. Instead, I thought I would share them with the blogging world and connect with other teachers who feel the same way. Number Two: I have spent countless hours on Pinterest and gathering ideas from other teachers that I'm excited to share my knowledge with others of what worked for me and what didn't. I'm still pretty new to this job and like the title says "you can never stop learning". 

Thanks for reading :)

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