How to Organize: Anchor Charts

Today's project: anchor charts! I put a lot of effort into my book study anchor charts last year and I was trying to think of a way to re-use them this year. 

Idea: Laminate anchor charts and write on them with dry erase markers so you can re-use them year after year!

So I took my idea and ran with it. Once my charts were off of the tablet, I had to think of a new way to organize them, so this is what I came up with: 

Step 1: Organize by Subject using Book Rings

I organized my charts into three categories: 
       1. Back-to School and Holidays
       2. Math
       3. Reading and Writing

Step 2: Label with Post-it Tabs

Using post-it tabs as labels was a very easy and quick way to organize my charts. 

Step 3: Find a Good Storage Spot

My storage spot is in one of my tall cabinets. I chose 3M Command Hooks to hang the book rings on, which was easy to put up.

Thanks for reading :)

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