How to Organize: Classroom Library

Hello friends! Here is one project I was able to tackle in my classroom this week: my classroom library. The bins and baskets came from the dollar tree, so they were really affordable. They have worked really well because the students take the bin and set it on the ground to browse through the books and then put it back up when they are done. 

One thing you should know, our school uses Accelerated Reader and that is how my books are leveled. That being said,  here is a quick breakdown of how I organized it. 

Top Row

The top row on both shelves are books that I allow my students to access at all times. 

The black baskets include the "big books", which are books too wide or tall to fit in the smaller bins on the bottom shelves. 

The blue container in the middle came with our reading series books so I added contact paper to make it blend in a little better. The left one includes all of my paper books and the right one includes the books that go along with our reading series. I wanted these on the top row because they are generally easier to read and I let my students read these books regardless of what level they are on. There are also multiples of each book, which allow for easy partner reading. 

Finally, the green bin on the left holds my decodable books that I use for small group reading and interventions. The bin on the right holds our actual reading series books that I also use for small group reading and interventions. I wanted these on the top so myself or a student could easily grab the entire bin and take it to our small group table. 

Second and Third Row

The second and third row have books organized and labeled by level. This has worked really well because I make each student read and take a test on at least five books in a book bin before they are allowed to move to the next level. I even require this of my students who could easily start on a higher level because by the end of the year I always hear "but I've read all of the books already".  My method hasn't completely eliminated the problem, but it has definitely helped. 

Blue Shelf in the Middle

The blue shelf in the middle holds my seasonal books. I usually have books set up on this shelf for one of my reading stations and I change the books based on upcoming seasons/holidays, etc.


I made my labels in PowerPoint by adding a text box to to chevron frames. You can find the PowerPoint file here, or the PDF file to print and hand write the levels can be found here.

The font I used was KG Seven Sixteen, which can be downloaded from here.

Thanks for reading :)

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