The Night Before First Grade

It is the night before school starts and this teacher is excited!! This past Thursday was Meet the Teacher and I could not have been more pleased with it. I have a wonderful group of students AND parents! Here is a little sneak peak at my room for Meet the Teacher night!


Here is a quick preview of what the hallway looked like outside of my room.
Our school required a sign-in sheet posted outside of each classroom. Luckily, we have shelves above our backpack hooks in the hallway, so this is what I set up.

 When setting up my room, I decided on a safari-treehouse theme. I have a lot of animal print in my classroom and my mom (who teaches Kindergarten) helped me build this tree outside my room! I absolutely LOVE it!

Here is a better look at the clips I use in the hallway to display student work. I hot glued a flat push pin to the back of a clothes pin and hot glued a label on top. I keep an extra push pin next to it for heavy artwork that needs a little extra support.

Clipboard Prep Station

I use clipboards in my classroom to organize unfinished work. The clipboards hang on the wall at the front of the room.

 I had this station set up so students could add the velcro strip to the back of their clipboard and hang it on the wall. They thought it was the coolest thing! One student even asked if it was magic!

Student Desks

I placed four things on each student desk:

1. Welcome Gift which included a DIY heart shaped crayon, ready-to-color bookmark, bubbles and a glow-in-the-dark bracelet

2. Student Take-Home folder which included all forms that needed to be signed and returned the next day. I learned how to print on Post-it notes (yay), so I was able to label which forms could be "left" at home and which ones needed to come "right" back to school. I also included my Meet the Teacher Magnet. Read more about it {here}.

3. How I Get Home Form: having this information ahead of time allowed me to make bus tags to attach to each student's backpack on the first day of school
Get it {here}

4. Organize Your Supplies List along with an "XL" size Ziploc bag. I keep all of their extra supplies in the Ziploc bag. The XL size is great because you can fit folders and notebooks in their as well.
Get it {here}

Here are the "Storage Bins" I set up at the back of the room to organize the "community" supplies that students brought.

I am very excited to start the new year and many more posts to come! Thanks for reading :)

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