New Year, New Ideas.... GREAT Results

Well, it's been a while. I've taken a little time off this past year from blogging to focus on some new ideas and strategies to use in my classroom. I recently found something that I LOVE! In February, I started guided math and guided reading rotations. A few co-teachers came back from the Conference for Texas First Grade Teachers raving about the ideas they heard from Reagan Tunstall for guided math. If you haven't checked out her website, GO RIGHT NOW. It's simply amazing. I've been following her plan for guided math for a couple of months now and like I said, I'm in LOVE. The biggest and most influential change I have seen so far, is that I get to see EVERY student, EVERY day in a small group setting. I have a much better understanding of my students, and they have a much better understanding of the concepts I am teaching.

I've also been taking some time to review and update my Teachers Pay Teachers store, so be on the lookout for product updates and new products coming soon!

Newest Products:

NO PREP Mini Unit for Scott Foresman's Reading Street: Tippy-Toe, Chick Go! 

Hands On Math Stations for Understanding Numbers to 120

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