Fractions for my Firsties

Happy humpday everyone! Today we wrapped up our fractions unit and I could not be more pleased with how well my class grasped our two fraction TEKS! My favorite part was when our math lesson carried over into lunchtime and I kept hearing "my apple is cut into halves" and "I ate one out of four cookies". Seeing my kiddos apply their math knowledge in real world situations makes my heart so happy!

This is what our board looked like at the end of the two weeks. We started with a blank board and added a few details each day. I'm in LOVE with the idea of building it with the kids by letting them provide vocabulary terms and examples. I feel like it empowers them and gives them ownership of their own learning.

Here are a few of our favorite hands-on activities from this week: 
Make it Equal from Wild About Firsties
Fractions in My Name from Lucky Little Learners

What fun fractions activities have you planned for your firsties?

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