Going "Back Through Time"

It's that "time" of year again, when we teachers frantically attempt to spiral through EVERY skill we have taught this year in a desperate last attempt to make it stick. Last week our class went "back through time". I planned this spiral attempt RIGHT AFTER we studied fractions hoping (fingers crossed) that they would make the connection between halves and half hours.

We started with the basics: Build-A-Clock. This neat little anchor chart builder is a freebie in my Teachers Pay Teachers store. You can find it here.

I used washi-tape at the top of my board to demonstrate that the numbers on a clock represent a number line. We transferred the numbers one by one from the number line to the clock. After we built the "hour" numbers, we added the minute numbers and practiced counting by fives. To practice reading the clock, we went through our daily schedule (what time we go to PE, lunch, recess, etc.).

As part of my new "No Worksheets Wednesday" goal, we made Time T-Charts using old construction paper and more washi-tape. First we sorted hour and half hour, then the students had to read and write the time under the clocks. 

Last, but certainly not least, I loaded up our math station with some of our favorite math games: 

Time Out games from Wild About Firsties (Jessica Travis)
Self-Checking Time Puzzle from Lakeshore Learning

How do you spiral "back through time"?

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