Dare to Dream

It’s Week 2 of the TPT Seller Challenge! This week we were challenged to think about our dreams for our Teachers Pay Teachers Store. I was always very driven in high school and college. I have wonderful parents who have always supported me, but also pushed me to do be the best I can be.

Having goals in high school and college was easy because I had very distinct and attainable goals: get good grades, graduate and get a job. Check, check, check. Now what? It seems like you reach a certain age when you’ve accomplished your main goals in life and you set your cruise control and just go with it. What I love most about this challenge is that it’s made me take a hard look at what I still want to achieve in my life and my career.

My TPT Dream: Build Relationships

Yes, TPT is a business. Yes, sellers make an income from their products. But, my goal is to make my TPT seller’s experience much more than that. I want my experience to be one that is focused on relationships with other members of the teacher community. Here’s how I hope to accomplish my dream:

1. Gain Knowledge
-I want to learn from other teachers. I am about to start my fifth year of teaching. I feel like I am constantly learning new things. I hope to develop relationships with other teachers who can help me grow in both my personal and professional life.

2. Share Knowledge
-I still have A LOT to learn, but I hope to share the things that I have learned. I hope to become more proficient and consistent in documenting my classroom journey through blogging and other social media outlets. There is something so comforting about being able to share your experiences with other members of your profession.

3. Inspire Someone
-A very distant future dream of mine is to share my ideas and stories as a conference speaker. If I could inspire just one person to make their classroom better, I think all of this hard work would be worth it. As teachers, we are constantly trying to inspire our students and I firmly believe that should be our number one teaching priority. However, I believe we also need to devote time to inspiring and commending each other.

My Personal Dreams

The challenge also got me thinking about some of my personal dreams as well. Here’s the short list:

1. God
- be a disciple of Christ through my words and actions
- read His words every day
- give thanks in all circumstances

2. Family
- slow down and live in the moment
- be adventurous and take vacations

3. Health
- become physically healthy
- become debt free

4. Just for Fun
- renovate a house Fixer Upper style
- take a photography course
- re-read my favorite childhood books

What are some of your dreams?
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  1. I love how you have two separate goals: personal and professional! I love that! I agree with every single one of these goals! YOU are awesome!

    Sparkling in Second

    1. Thank you Jen! I really enjoyed this challenge. I felt pretty stumped at first, but once I started writing it all seemed to work itself out. It was a great way to find my summer inspiration!

    2. Nice idea to create two lists! Makes me want to create a personal list as well. Our tpt goals sound really similar, especially becoming a presenter someday.

  2. I should've done this. Mine kind of just got smooshed together! Ha! I love your goals. You definitely have a way with words. No doubt you will reach all of them! Good luck!
    Sandy @ Elementary Expedition


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