Every teacher experiences it. That moment when you're in the middle of a great teachable moment, and then you get interrupted with "Mrs. Sullins, I need some more glue".... Moment GONE! Here's my solution for minimizing interruptions and creating independent workers.

Here's My Solution

(All supplies/storage found at Target)

In my classroom, we have an Extra Supply Area. It is very similar to a lost and found. What I absolutely LOVE about this area is that it empowers the students to take care of their own supplies. If their glue runs dry, they throw it away and get a new one. If they find an extra eraser on the ground, they put it in the eraser bucket.

It really helps me out as a teacher by keeping the room clean. PLUS, the students feel empowered because they are being helpers and good citizens.

Extra Storage

Let's be logical. All of those glue sticks that your lovely students bring you at the beginning of the year aren't going to fit in a three inch metal bucket. Where do I store the extras? In the drawers below the Extra Supply Area. Students are responsible for refilling the extra supply buckets when they are empty. Again, empowered students and one happy teacher.

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