Build-A-Word with Word Families

It's week 3 of the TPT Seller Challenge! This week we were challenged to
1. Make a NEW Masterpiece
2. Swap that Masterpiece with a fellow seller to review and provide feedback

Let me say, this was another really great challenge. I swapped products with Carla Hoff from California. She was able to provide me with great feedback, both positive and constructive. I also really enjoyed just chatting with her. Teachers have so much in common, regardless of the grade you teach or the state you live in.

My Little Masterpiece

This is a product that I had been thinking about for a while. When our curriculum team decided to devote our entire first six weeks of school to word families, I knew that it was time to put the pen to paper (or mouse to PowerPoint) and get it made. I knew it would be the perfect project for this challenge. I made five separate products (one for each vowel), but you can soon purchase them in a Word Family bundle for a discounted price.

You can get it {here}.

A Great Resource

A really great resource that I found a few years ago was Sound Boards by Second Story Window.

She uses small post-it notes to help her students create words, which is such an awesome idea! 

I've also tried popsicle sticks, with "at", "an", etc. written on the very end so students can put them next to each letter sound. 

My question to you: 
What great resources have you found for building word families?

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