Staff Development Tracker

Need an easy, free way to track your summer staff development? Grab this free resource to help make your back to school documentation a little easier.

**Disclaimer: The photo may look messy... But it's real life!

Get it {here}.

How I Use It

Let me start by saying, this is not my fanciest/best work... but it works. If you are a teacher in Texas, you are required to complete 150 CPE (continuing professional education) hours in order to renew your teaching certificate. I use this "Classroom Teacher Tracker" that I downloaded from the TEA website.

You can find it {here}.

You must renew your certificate every FIVE years, so I keep ALL of my certificates for a five year time period in one folder. I use the TEA tracker as my cover page, but I also use the yearly Staff Development tracker (listed earlier) to keep a detailed list of staff development for that year. I use the yearly data tracker as a checklist to make sure I have all of my certificates for that year. Like I said, it's not fancy, but it gets the job done.

**Note: Learn from my mistake. If you are putting these files in a folder with brads, be sure to adjust the left margin to at least 1 inch to make sure all of your checklist is easily accessible.

How do you track staff development?

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