Spelling Series: "OO" words

As a teacher, I am ALWAYS looking for ways to save time and make learning more fun! I'm not a huge fan of worksheets (don't get me wrong, they have their place) so I am constantly looking for something new.I have tried many things over the years and I decided to dedicate an entire blog series to my favorite spelling alternatives for first grade!

 Here's a sneak peek at the entire series:

"OO" words with Reinforcement Stickers

Spelling "oo" words with reinforcement stickers is something I started using about five or six years ago and let me tell you something, it's an oldie but a goodie!! 

-One sheet of reinforcement stickers per student
-Blank paper
-Marker, crayon or pencil

-Students write first letter(s) of word
-Students add stickers for the two o's
-Students write last letter(s) of word

Easy Peasy!

Other Great Ideas for "OO" words

Here are some other great ideas I've found on Pinterest for teaching "oo" words!

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