Spelling Series: Build-A-Word

Welcome back to the Spelling Alternatives for 1st Grade blog series! Here's a sneak peek at the entire series:


Sometimes you just need an activity that is a little more structured, but still provides your students with the opportunity to get "hands on".  This is a resource that I created to do just that. I noticed that some students didn't always do so well with my typical "no worksheet" approach, so I made something that was a good balance. 

These work so great at your teacher table during guided reading, but after students are familiar with them, they work great as a station as well! 

Option 1: No-Prep Worksheets

This resource set is one that I tended to use more whole group. I've also ran a copy of the entire set of patterns and placed in a folder with brads (as seen below) that works great as a station. That way, if one student doesn't finish, the next student can start on that page and finish it for them. I tell the kids that it becomes our "class book of _ar_ words" and they just eat that up!

Option 2: Laminated Word Lists

In this option, you have to put in a little bit of prep work by laminating the word lists BUT you aren't having to copy new worksheets each week. You can copy a large number of the worksheet and continue to use it week after week, so less paper is wasted. There are several different options of worksheets for you to choose from to best fit your needs!

Just What You Needed? 

I thought so. Check them out here: 

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