Spelling Series: Stamps and Playdough

Welcome back to the Spelling Alternatives for 1st Grade blog series! Here's a sneak peek at the entire series:

Stamps and Playdough

This is an idea that I stumbled on to last year by accident. I was using stamps in my spelling station with the typical ink pads, and it was making such a MESS!! I had the idea to use playdough for a week to try and clean my stamps off. Well, turns out the kids loved the playdough WAY more than they liked the ink pads so it just stuck around. Now it is easily one of their favorite stations! 

-Alphabet Stamps
-Spelling List

-Students roll out the playdough
-Students stamp out their word
-Students reform their playdough and repeat!


  1. I love this idea! I always hated the huge ink mess and so my letter stamps have been hidden away for the last year... Thanks to your play doh idea they will get to come out and play! ��

    1. Megan,

      I am so glad will able to use this idea in your classroom. Honestly, since I started using it, my ink pads have stayed in the closet and the kids (and me) are way happier!

      Keep calm and teach on!


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