Spelling Series: Desktop Fun

Welcome back to the Spelling Alternatives for 1st Grade blog series! Here's a sneak peek at the entire series:

Okay, you're going to think I've gone a little bit crazy on this one... but this is seriously so easy and so much fun for the kiddos. You will earn the title of "coolest teacher" in no time!!

Desktop Fun

So I walked into a coworkers classroom the other day and found her students writing on their desks. 
To be fair, they were doing exactly what they were supposed to and they were writing with dry erase markers. I've done similar things at my small group table, but I've never let them have free reign at their own desks. She said that it is a staple during their spelling station and the kids absolutely love it. Each student keeps a dry erase marker in their crayons box and when they are done, they can easily clean off their desk with a baby wipe! Genius!!

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