Sight Word Sentence Sort

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Sight Word Sentence Sort

I walked into a neighboring teacher's classroom where I saw this activity and immediately said "Ooh, I'm going to steal that!" I always struggle with good ways to incorporate sight words into our daily routines in a way that students read and practice them in context. This station does all of that and MORE!

The idea behind this station is very simple. We focus on five sight words per week. I have students help me generate a sentence using one of the sight words and I write the sentence on a sentence strip. I write the sentence in one color, but I always write the sight word in black. Each sentence gets its own color to help students sort the words into the right sentences, but because the sight word is in black, they have to figure out which sentence it belongs with.

After we have written our five sentences (and practiced reading them together SEVERAL times) I cut the sentences apart and put them in a station. The great thing is, you can limit this station to the five new sentences a week, or you could keep adding sentences to the basket and build a set of 10-15 sentences. 

To use the station, students can sort the sentences individually or with a partner. If you have students who really aren't challenged with this station, you can have them try to create longer sentences using only word cards from the basket. Make sure the students understand that the sentences can be silly, but they still have to have correct syntax. If you really want to commit to this station, students could write and cut their own sentence cards. 

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