Guided Comprehension....A New Journey

Do you ever feel like getting your students to adequately answer comprehension questions is harder than pulling teeth? Somedays I think it would be easier to put underwear on a baby calf whose tail is on fire. Seriously y'all, there has to be an easier way to get GOOD, SOLID answers to comprehension questions from our students that is not only pain free, but also enjoyable.

The Journey

So, a few weeks ago, I had a conversation with our Instructional Coach about why I feel like the comprehension conversations at my guided reading table are harder than I think they should be. Her question to me was simple, "Are you effectively modeling how you want them to answer those questions?"......Hmmm..... well....kind of. I mean, I do whole group reading lessons EVERY DAY that range from good reading habits to modeling my thinking during the text, BUT I haven't been so great at modeling correct comprehension responses.

Which is where I'm starting my "Guided Comprehension Questions" journey and I'm inviting you along with me.

Every week, my goal is to create a solid, but short and simple planning sheet for each of my read aloud that will give example questions AND possible answers. Questions will be broken into the "Big Three": Within the Text, Beyond the Text and About the Text.

Help Me Help You

Below is a link to my file. It will be a growing file that I will update each week with new lessons. I am posting this product for FREE initially and would LOVE your feedback in return.

>>Guided Comprehension Questions<<
Interrupting Chicken

Hensel and Gretel Ninja Chicks

>>Thanksgiving Edition<<
The Great Thanksgiving Escape

The Great Turkey Race

The Leaf Blew In

The Very Stuffed Turkey

>>December Edition<<
The Mitten
(focused on making inferences)

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