Simple Social Studies Time Savers

If you are anything like me, science and social studies is usually the first thing to go if you are in a time crunch. In fact, for that very reason I have science and social studies scheduled at the very end of the day because, if we are being completely honest, everything about teaching first grade is geared toward teaching reading. Trust me, I wish I was a super teacher that could fit in thirty solid minutes of social studies everyday, but I'm not, so here's how I compensate.

Vocabulary and Schema

On Monday,  we start adding to our INTERACTIVE ANCHOR CHART about what we already know about the subject. We continue to add to it throughout the week. Pre-writing sentence stems is a HUGE time saver and it's a great way to get the kids involved!

Click and Print Resources

The rest of the week's lessons are filled with these super simple, yet very purposeful CLICK AND PRINT RESOURCES that I designed to match the 1st grade standards (TEKS in Texas). Activities range from fact recording, writing, labeling, interactive journals and creative writing, as shown below.

Social Studies Journal

Finally, in an effort to keep social studies going, even when we are short on time, I added a SOCIAL STUDIES INTEREST JOURNAL to our writing center during guided reading stations. Students can write about anything and everything social studies related. It is really amazing some of the things that they have come up with! Please keep in mind that they entry below was made within the first few weeks of first grade. I typically require at least 2-3 sentences with every entry.

$3.... A Steal!

So I've gathered all of my resources together and the best part... they are only $3 a piece.. or buy a monthly bundle of four products for only $9!

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