Hi friends! Today we're talking the 100th day school and all of the fun/craziness that comes with it!! For years I scrambled and combined resources to make my 100th day stations work.... until now. I finally buckled down and made a TPT product that includes all of my favorite 100th day station activities and I'm sharing it with you! 

Get it here--->

Stations in Action

Cup Stacking STEM Challenge

Playdough and Straws STEM Challenge

100's Chart Timed Challenge

Popsicle Stick Maze Challenge

100 Bingo Marker Dots

Wooden Block Tower Building STEM Challenge

Hashtag Block Building STEM Challenge

Write to 100 Timed Challenge

100th Day Monster Making Challenge

Pom Pom Pick Up Timed Challenge

100 Beads Timed Challenge

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